The Results are Final: 392 HEAs in 2013!

Thanks to Next Step Living and Sagewell, our big push to get 300 households to sign up for Home Energy Assessments (HEAs), in recognition of Weston's 300th Anniversary in 2013, was a huge success! As the headline reads, we actually exceeded our goal by almost 100 households, coming in at a total of 392 HEA sign-ups.

While we recognize that a sign-up does not automatically translate into people taking significant action to save energy and money, it is a critical first step. Next Step Living is expert at making sure that people come away from their assessment experiences understanding the costs and benefits of taking action, including the myriad financial incentives available to them, making it easy for the homeowner to make intelligent choices.

In addition to the benefits accrued by the homeowners who participated, Sagewell's promotion to the schools, covered previously on this website, resulted in 48 families signing up for HEAs, distributed as follows:

    High School: 21
    Middle School: 6
    Field School: 7
    Woodland: 9
    Country: 5

Congratulations to the High School for such great participation! That said, every school wins since each school will receive from Sagewell $10 per affiliated sign-up to use as they wish towards "green" projects.

Thank you to all who helped make this campaign a success, with particular appreciation for Superintendent Cheryl Maloney, PTO President Rebecca Stevenson, and Janet Kresl Moffat for their assistance with the promotion to the school community.

3/31: Updated numbers! 
Several more families were able to book their home energy assessments before the cutoff, so the final numbers are actually:

High School: 23
Middle School: 9
Field School: 7
Woodland: 9
Country: 5

TOTAL: 53 Meaning Sagewell will give a total of $530 to the schools for green projects! Nicely done, all.

Sagewell Will Donate Money to Weston Schools for all December HEA Sign-ups

The Weston Climate Group, Sagewell, Inc., and the Weston Parent Teacher Organization have put together a wonderful year-end promotion. For every Weston household signing up for a free Home Energy Assessment (HEA) using one of the links below through December 31, 2013, Sagewell will donate $10 to the affiliated Weston Public School. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise some money for the schools simply by taking advantage of a free program that provides homeowners with information and incentives to be more comfortable for less money.

Update: To further encourage Weston households to take advantage of December's no-cost Home Energy Assessment sign-up promotion, Sagewell has announced that it will give an extra $250 for every 50 sign-ups a school gets, on top of the $10 per household donation already in place.

Choose a school to support and click its link to get started...

  Weston High School
  Weston Middle School
  Field School
  Country School
  Woodland School

The Details

  • Any Weston household can sign up using the links above. A household can only be associated with one of the links so families with kids in more than one school will have to choose which school to support. 
  • Clicking on the link will take you to Sagewell's website where you just enter your address (no invitation or other codes needed), click the Find Savings Now button, and then fill in the information in the resulting form. Make sure to leave the box checked that requests a no-cost in-home energy assessment. You will also be eligible to receive a free thermal image report of your property, if available from Sagewell. 
  • Once you submit the online form you will be contacted within a few days to set up an appointment with a qualified energy efficiency firm to conduct an in-home assessment. The assessment itself should take place by the end of January, 2014 to get credit for signing up for this promotion. Assessments are free and there is no obligation to do any follow-up work. You will also receive an e-mail within 5-10 working days with instructions on how to view the online thermal image report for your home.
  • Sagewell will track all sign-ups using the urls above and will reward each school with $10 per HEA appointment to spend as the school sees fit. Each school will determine how their funds will be spent, with special consideration given to environmental and "green" projects.
  • Contact Rudy Ruggles with any questions or concerns.

What is a Home Energy Assessment?

HEAs are free in-home evaluations of household energy use, conducted by state-licensed specialists, and paid for by money that is already assessed on every National Grid and NSTAR customer’s energy bills. The program is called MassSave and is managed by the state. Essentially, everyone has already paid for an HEA, so they might as well get the benefits. Upon completion of the HEA, the homeowner gets a report containing ways they could save energy and information about any rebates and incentives that can help them defray resulting up-front costs for investments like insulation and heating system replacements. Again, there is no obligation to actually do any of the work suggested. 

Who is Sagewell?

Sagewell, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based thermal imaging company that helps connect homeowners with HEA resources. When someone signs up through their site, Sagewell can answer any preliminary questions and determine which energy efficiency company should come to the person’s house to do the assessment (generally Next Step Living here in Weston, although the homeowner can request a different one). As an additional benefit to those who sign up, because of the Weston Climate Group’s collaboration with them, Sagewell has thermal images of most Weston homes (taken from the street) and will send the homeowner a thermal image report if Sagewell has the images on file (see example below). Sagewell benefits from people signing up through their site and is happy to show their appreciation by supporting Weston's schools. For the curious, here are a couple of links to news stories about Sagewell:

Thermal Image Report Example